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Customer Supplied Goods Waiver

At Gavin's Personalized Attire, Inc. (GPA Embroidery) we primarily work on garments
and items we obtain from our suppliers. We use clothing and items in our
embroidery, screen printing, and heat-pressing that have been tested and proven
to provide quality outcomes. Embroidery machines can be fickle at times and
sometimes eat (destroy) garments. Heat can damage garments not made for the
process. Very rarely during the decoration process, a garment or item will be

If we have supplied the garment or item, we have calculated a margin of error in
the cost and will replace it. We cannot replace garments or items we have not sold
or provided. If you supply the garment or item and there is a problem, we do not
replace your item. Your damaged piece will be returned to you as is. Problems do
not arise often, but the customer must be aware and agree to the possibility.

By signing this waiver, the customer releases GPA Embroidery of all responsibility in
the instance of damaged or unexpected results to the customer’s supplied garment
or item to be decorated.

You may print, sign and bring in the waiver with you when you bring in your garments or you may request a digital waiver be emailed to you. Please be aware that we can only email waivers during working hours. M-F 9am-5pm

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